Below are a few comments from participants who have attended recent courses.

Anatomy of ShippingAnatomy of Ship Finance
Chartering: A Practical ApproachThe Bulk Cargo Business
Commercial Strategies & Chartering
Tactics in Chemical and Gas Shipping
Anatomy of Container Shipping
Insurance in ShippingTanker Chartering & Documentation

Anatomy of Shipping

Knowledge is infinite and every day we learn new things.  Beside refreshing my knowledge, the new things I have learnt in the business of shipping as a whole, will permit me to better understand and perform my daily management duties.  Thank you for all arrangements and well organised course
High standard of professionalism of lecturers and organisers.  Better understanding of the market as a whole which will reinforce my business decision making, information search and use of the same will give maximum benefits to my company.  I can count on many experts/professionals that I have known and met during the course, in the future
The course was one of the best organised seminars that I have ever attended.  In my work, I touch on many of the areas covered in the course, but I lacked the knowledge of how they related to the larger "system" of the industry.  Back in the office, I will be more effective with this greater knowledge.  I’ve also made some good contacts here

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Chartering: A Practical Approach

I've certainly improved my knowledge due to attending this course and hopefully this will have an impact on my job, for as long as I work in this area, also I have a better insight of the business from an owners point of view
More knowledge and definitely now I know what people around me are talking about chartering as a whole
It provided me with a far wider knowledge than I expected.  The detail of certain subjects will equip me to be more demanding and be able to negotiate with a little more authority!

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Commercial Strategies & Chartering Tactics in Chemical and Gas Shipping

More confident in discussions on core subjects.
Identified areas for improvements in our operations
Overall, very beneficial both in a theoretical and practical sense.  I am sure the notes will provide an excellent reference in the future

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Insurance in Shipping

Comprehensive course covering different aspects of insurance.  Generally speaking, the course gave me the chance to acquaint myself with different aspects of insurance.
Very good introduction to insurance.
Very interesting, challenging, good way to assess level of knowledge.

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Anatomy of Ship Finance

The course has given me a more complete and deepened understanding of the business.
Substantial experience of those presenting gave excellent coverage of the very wide subject.
Stimulating.  Greater awareness of the industry as a whole.  Awareness of economic factors will influence studies of trades.
Very well organised.  Has, of course, given lots of valuable input: what to think about; how to better analyse a proposal for ship finance, etc, etc.

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The Bulk Cargo Business

Well organised and certainly will help me with my work, especially on the market research and analysis.
A better understanding of the bulk cargo business as a whole.
 Overall extremely useful, with particular focus on practical points.

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Anatomy of Container Shipping

After being back in the office for a little over a week, it slowly but surely becomes clear to me what the impact of the container shipping course will have on both my company and me.  After presenting the most important issues to my management and other interested people, quite some discussion about the differences between pure liner operations and our type of business, as well as the competitiveness of our business as opposed to container shipping has been started.  The knowledge that I obtained will certainly be of great help in further preparing ourselves for a very interesting and challenging 21st century.  Not only because of this, but also (and mainly) because of the fact that I personally enjoyed the course very much, I would again like to thank you both, but also anyone else involved for organising this course.
Very useful as we are in the process of taking strategic decisions on what service we shall offer and to what extent (port/port, door to door, etc).
A much better understanding of the factors influencing decision making process of the bank's customers involved in container shipping.

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Tanker Chartering & Documentation

The course is going to be a very good reference for me.
Good overview of main tanker chartering and operation activities.
I have better understanding of the chartering especially those relevant to charter parties and voyage estimating principles.  I really find that the content of this course very useful for me.  In addition, a small number of participants make it a lot easier to concentrate and have full attention from the speakers.
Feel more comfortable/confident myself regarding chartering work.