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Online learning is a popular alternative to other forms of learning, especially in the current pandemic. With no costs for travel and accommodation, its advantages are obvious encouraging many educational providers and learning and development managers to look to the internet for solutions to on-going training needs.

While Cambridge Academy of Transport has offered remote training in the form of distance learning programmes for many years, these are no substitute for the extended benefits derived from contact or face-to-face learning — especially the hidden advantages of mixing and sharing social time with one's peers in the industry.

COVID-19 placed a temporary halt to our traditional contact courses worldwide including our UK-based residential programmes. To counter the absence of many of the long-running programmes, Cambridge Academy of Transport developed an online training course series based on our extensive knowledge base and tutored by our team of industry-savvy lecturers. When COVID restrictions ceased, we have re-activated our contact series and do not offer online training to the open market. However, we will work clsoely with companies who have a need to train a group of their staff and would prefer for this to be in the form of an online programme.

The links opposite provide information on the range of online courses which we can offer to organisations who wish to develop a suitable programme for their staff. As a guide, the topics listed below can be a foundation for a bespoke programme. To progress your interest, please contact us by phone or email. Go to

  • Bills of Lading and Related Cargo Claims
  • Dry Cargo Chartering
  • Fundamentals of English Maritime Law
  • Laytime, Demurrage & Despatch — Dry Cargo
  • Laytime & Demurrage — Crude and Products
  • LNG: Design, Technology and Operations
  • LNG: Freight Charftering and Contracts
  • Petroleum Products and Chemicals Shipping
  • Ship Management
  • Tanker Chartering

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