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Cambridge Academy of Transport have been producing distance learning courses for the shipping and allied industries for more than 20 years. All our courses are designed to educate and train personnel seeking to acquire practical knowledge and expertise in their chosen profession as quickly as possible.

If you work in shipping, shipbroking, marine insurance or the legal profession, you will find a great deal of useful information in these courses; much of it would take years to acquire through day-to-day experience. Indeed, the value of these courses is their widespread overview of each subject so that, however specialised your own career, you will be able to understand how other areas of the industry fit in with your own expertise. This additional knowledge will not only improve the enjoyment of your daily work but also increase your personal value in the shipping community.

One of the greatest advantages of "distance learning" is that you can study at your own pace and this will depend on how much time you can afford to devote. You will already be busy in your own daily work but, with the aid of your personal Tutor, this learning method allows you to absorb the current practice in the rest of the world because our courses, like shipping itself, are truly international.

The distant learning courses offered by Cambridge Academy of Transport are well-structured and well-written.  The authors not only have theoretical knowledge about shipping markets but, most importantly, practical experience (which is just as, if not more, valuable).

For the real shipping enthusiast, studying the courses is like going through a really good novel with an abundance of valuable information from chapter to chapter.  Most importantly however is that the people who manage the program are at all times available to help assist students in managing their studies in conjunction with either work and/or other academic interests.

My congratulations to the Cambridge Academy of Transport team for their considerable contribution to shipping education.

Alexandros El. Tsakos
MSc in Shipping Trade & Finance, CASS Business School
BSc in Business (Global Business Management & Entrepreneurship), Babson College

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