Tanker Chartering

The online Tanker Chartering course is a development from our week-long residential course held regularly in Cambridge since 1989. The main elements of the tanker chartering market have been highlighted and condensed into a 4-day period to suit the online approach.

Aim of this course: To gain a sound understanding of the way the tanker chartering market works. Knowledge of the principles and practices can be applied to the carriage of crude oil, oil products, chemicals and LPG in the international deep-sea trades.


As it is unlikely that the tanker trades will have a sustained period of high freight rates, it is most important that owners squeeze every penny they can out of the market when freight rates are buoyant to see them through the troughs. Likewise, charterers on tight margins must negotiate hard to keep their overall freight costs down. This online course provides practical advice on how the market works and introduces some of the tools and techniques needed to successfully navigate this most challenging of commercial endeavours

"Mistakes can be costly in chartering, so learning from them in the safety of the lecture room is to be preferred."

Who Should Attend?

Those who would benefit from participation include chartering and claims managers, executives working for tanker ownner or operators, oil and chemical companies chartering or operations staff, and others involved with the chartering process or operational control of shipments from load port to discharge. As the main revenue stream supporting the acquisition of vessels comes through chartering, personnel concerned with the financial and commercial aspects of the business have an interest in understanding what effects the ultimate success of the business.

Past attendees include senior commercial executives from across the globe, spanning a broad range of chartering related or dependent responsibilities: analysts, chartering managers, claims and cargo loss personnel, commodity and freight traders, contract negotiators, demurrage specialists, logistics personnel, port agents, post-fixture & operations managers, ship brokers, vessel schedulers and planners.

Course Highlights

  • The nature of the oil markets
  • Characteristics of cargoes and vessels
  • How a tanker chartering deal comes about
  • Negotiating skills
  • Voyage evaluation techniques
  • Charter parties and their main contractual terms
  • Operational considerations
  • Laytime and demurrage principles for liquid cargoes
  • Pollution prevention and international regulations

Online Course information

10–13 May 2021
Each day will consist of three lectures of 45 minutes with two fifteen minute breaks

Course fee

The cost of the course is £1,500 per person, which includes course tutorials and the accompanying text containing the course material. Participants will receive a Course Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the programme.

I have become more familiarised with the terms used, I get a better understanding about the things that I'm processing to be paid and also a bigger perspective of the industry and all the things around it as well as the ones which I can be involved with. The material is also a good reference for consulting.

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