LNG: Commercial Focus — Freight, Chartering & Contracts

Cambridge Academy of Transport is now able to offer two distinct 4-day LNG courses on an online basis. The first course covers Design, Technology & Markets whilst the second course, described below, explores the commercial aspects of LNG shipping and trading.

The two courses can be taken separately; but taken together they offer an immersive learning experience of this fast growing and technologically challenging industry.

Aim of this course: To gain a sound understanding of the commercial aspects of LNG shipping and trading with a focus on cargo sales contracts, chartering, charter parties, voyage economics, LNG trading and LNG pricing.

Who Should Attend?

The course appeals across the entire LNG value chain: resource and asset holders, importers, traders, ship owners, charterers, terminal operators, financial institutions, auditors, equipment manufacturers and service providers. Past participants have commented positively on their learning experience delivered in a dynamic and professional manner in a welcoming environment that encourages knowledge exchange. Lecturers challenge participants' understanding, probe deeply into issues of the day and pose solutions to problems faced by many in their own business environment.

Past attendees include senior executives from across the globe, spanning a broad range of responsibilities: general management, trading, ship owning and chartering, voyage and deal operations, finance and project planning.

Benefits of the Course

The curriculum of the course will examine transport costs or freight economics, viewed through the prism of a shipper or vessel charterer versus that of the vessel owner/operator. With a further focus on LNG cargo sale and purchase agreements and associated LNG charter parties, the "Deal Architecture" will be revealed and with it a better understanding of the commercial integrity of a project.

Programme Highlights

    • Freight and Deal Economics
    • Calculating and Managing Deal Economics
    • Voyage & Deal Optimisation Strategies
    • Macro-Economic Factors
    • Managing Price and Freight Volatility
    • Case Study: Gas Trading Jargon Buster and Deal Evaluation
    • Changes to the LNG Fleet Profile and the Impact on Chartering Strategies
    • Evolution of LNG Charter Party Formats
    • Review of Key LNG Charter Party Clauses
    • Key Features of Sale & Purchase Agreements
    • Emerging Trends and Short-Term Master Sale Agreements
    • Cargo Documentation, Disputes and their Resolution

A number of impromptu quizes and workshops will be used to allow students to test their understanding of the subject matter.

LNG Carrier

Online Course information

14—17 June 2021
Each day will consist of three lectures of 45 minutes with two fifteen minute breaks

Course fee

The cost of the course is £1,500 per person, which includes course tutorials and the accompanying text containing the course material. Participants will receive a Course Certificate upon satisfactory completion of the programme.

Individuals wishing to attend both this course and the companion programme "LNG: Vessel Design, Technology & Operations" will pay a discounted total course fee of £2,500.

Course limited to 15 participants.

Further information, contact:

Tulika Singh
Cambridge Academy of Transport
11 Hinton Way
Great Shelford
Cambridge CB22 5AX
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