Even though some say shipping is the second oldest profession in history it sure is fast for its age!

With the industry facing a rapidly changing market burdened by over-capacity, (over) regulation, shifting trade-patterns,… to name but a few it is a tough job staying abreast in this fast-paced market.

Cambridge Academy of Transport's distance learning courses offer the perfect solution; accurate, professional and up to date content and tuition.  I can highly recommend it to anyone new to the industry or looking for a refreshing view.

J.P.  Dezutter
Aegir, Botra & Partners
The Maritime Law Course was surely first rate and very interesting.  During the entire course I received the full support of my tutor Robert and Bozena who were willing to assist me anytime being really prompt.

It provides a very broad overview of the maritime law and all relevant aspects being also very helpful for obtaining knowledge on maritime law topics.

What I enjoyed most was the comments of my tutor on my provided replies which made all topics more comprehensive and educational.

This distance learning course is highly recommended to people not already active within the shipping industry but also to those who wish to join in.  Keep up the good work!!

Panagiotis Stavrianos
Gleamray Shipping Inc
Cambridge Academy of Transport provides an excellent distance learning experience; I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish.

The course covered many diversified, practical and theoretical topics that support students' critical thinking, research skills and better understanding of the maritime industry that would otherwise need years to be gained.  It is of great value for those who would like to improve their career or seniors who just seek to develop their competences in certain areas within the industry.

My tutor was very passionate in reading and replying to all assignments and questions with very valuable yet practical information gained from his vast experience in the industry; he made sure that his supply of information always exceeds students' demand.

My sincere appreciation to all the team within Cambridge Academy of Transport for their continuous efforts and contribution to improve quality of knowledge within the maritime industry globally.

Hilmi Armoush
Jordan National Shipping Lines
When studying a distance learning course at Cambridge Academy of Transport, it is you as the student who sets the limits of your own academic experience.  You set the pace and the depth you want to go into each subject, depending on your personal and specialized circumstances.

Your tutors will perfectly adapt to your method of study and guide you through the course.  Their vast experience within the shipping industry will show in each and every one of their comments, guidance and corrections, and will help you in your every day professional experience in the sector.

A special mention must be made to Bozena Doviak, the Distance Learning Controller, who will accompany you throughout your course, making your distance learning experience go as smoothly as possible, so that your only concern is to learn as much as you possibly can.

Efrén Abad Castro
F.E.M.  Shipbrokers
Time being my first obstacle and secondly not willing to travel to seek the knowledge I desperately needed to fit in the company I am in, despite me not believing in such courses I made the decision to try distance learning courses.

I was advised from a colleague to enrol with one of Cambridge Academy of Transport's distance learning course.  Here I found exactly what I was looking for.

First was the delightful and urgent help I needed with advice in choosing and finding the right course to begin with.

Second was the ease in getting enrolled with no time and getting the useful and handy study materials.

Thirdly the swift communication I got and the valuable comments on my work was one of all the three reason's I outlined above that made me truly happy and satisfied to get the knowledge that I was looking for while sitting in my own chair back at home.

With time being so precious and the desperate need for knowledge to be competent and more comfortable in my working environment, my experience with the CAT distant learning Introduction to Shipping course was the solution and right choice for me and hopefully for others to truly experience.

Ahmad Samin
Samin Shipping Company
Completing a distance learning course with CAT undoubtedly helped me great deal in my career and enabled me to easily follow certain paths that were of interest to me.  It enhanced my career and gave me the information and experience needed to pursue my goals in the area of shipping industry.  I feel much more prepared to take on the challenge of management within Ship Management and Logistics issues.

The well-structured and organized course combined with highly educated and experienced tutors make the courses highly recommendable.

Thanks to Cambridge Academy of Transport for offering possibilities of distance learning which make time and geographic space no longer meaningful barriers to learning and for offering us a viable educational and professional growth opportunity.

Ussama Hamwi
Operations Manager
Samin Shipping Company Ltd.
I have been auditing the accounts of shipping companies for the last four years.  My work necessitates an understanding of the applicable accounting and auditing standards but also a good working knowledge of the industry within which the company being audited operates.  This course has helped me to understand the clients I serve better, as well as comprehend the market conditions which not only effect the shipping industry but world trade as a whole.

My tutors always helped me with their feedback, outlining my inaccuracies and guiding me to understand the subject in question.  Tutors and course coordinators alike are always very helpful, encouraging me to work hard and offering flexibility and understanding when occasionally due to work commitments, my studies had to be put temporarily aside.

I certainly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in shipping.

Michelle Spiteri Bailey.  BA (Hons) Accty, MBA (Finance), FIA, CPA
Audit Manager
Deloitte & Touche
I'm happy to have done the Marine Insurance course and thank you for congratulations!  I have to admit I had difficulties with all the lessons where calculation was necessary and it was not a big surprise for me — it has never been my cup of tea.

All in all I have to say that for me the course material gradually led me through all the important issues on insurance, starting with simple issues and terms and finishing with the more specific ones.  I was concerned at the beginning that being not a native speaker would be a problem, but it turned out that the course material is well written, and all comments from my tutor Angus Galbraith were just in place and invaluable to completely understand the lessons.  I loved those parts of the course material where reference to cases tried was done because that gave additional legal explanation of why the certain issue is now dealt with the way it is.

Having this first experience of distance learning, I have to say it was easier to follow the course if there were not long "gaps" between the lessons.

Ms Vineta Rudzite
Latvian Shipping Company
It's was a unique experience for having a remote training course on Laytime, Demurrage & Despatch at CATZ.  I was a bit concerned at the very beginning when I was enrolling on the course as I had no idea on how to communicate with my tutor, if I cannot meet them face-to-face it sounds like self studying.  But I found more and more progress of the laytime training course by self-reading the provided teaching materials thoroughly, to complete the papers on my own and them having the tutor's adequate comments and guidance.

This course helped me to discover my own initiative, to investigate the questions and problems by myself.  Meanwhile, you can easily get advice, assistance or guidance from both the tutor and the learning controller as long as you need.  I also enjoyed this learning experience and thanks for all the help and arrangements received from CATZ

Maggie He
Regional Sales Manager
Rio Tinto (Beijing Office)
Facing a career change in an era of instability, in a direction unknown to me was a brave move.  The desired outcome was to obtain the greatest amount of knowledge around the shipping industry in the most convenient way.

The solution to this problem was given to me through Cambridge Academy of Transport's distance learning programmes.  Through a carefully designed and segmented set of courses which included all the necessary and fundamental information for a person to acquire spherical knowledge, I gained theoretical experience and earned a lot of time lost to my previous career.

Daily communication and counsel from experienced and deeply educated tutors gave me confidence to stand on my own in the challenging world of shipping.

The courses are carefully designed to touch every aspect of the industry from finance to marketing and operating.  So regardless to the level of expertise that someone may have, there is the opportunity to enhance their knowledge through these carefully and thoroughly constructed courses and teaching methods.

The greatest level of success is however the highly practical aspect of the course which actually works to accumulate knowledge to the level of experience.  Therefore it is indeed very helpful for inexperienced people or for individuals already in the industry wishing to quickly upgrade their knowledge upon a certain aspect of it.

Confidence, derived from my new knowledge has enabled me to participate productively in the workings of my company.

Parakevas Tzedakis
Tzen Yachting & Shipping Supplies
This course was a valuable piece of study, not only for its content, but also for the way in which the course is taught.

I was able to carry out with my education at my own pace and subjects were structured in such way which enabled me to gain knowledge of a progressive and sequential.  In addition, I also found richness through the invaluable feedback received from my tutor Robert, who demonstrates a lifetime dedicated to this thrilling profession.  Let me also emphasize my pleasure to have shared this course with you.  I have learned by far, much more than I would have expected when I started this course.  I would like to thanks once again to Bozena, for having sent to me the Lloyd's Reports involved in these answers, which helped me a lot to have a better understanding about such judgments.

Bozena and Robert, thank you so much for your kindness and support all this time

Ariel Agostino
Cerveceria y Malteria Quilmes
This course covers all the aspects of Dry Cargo Chartering from a practical view point.  It gave me very good knowledge of the working of dry cargo chartering as well as practical use in my every day work.

The tutoring system made by a practicing professional in the field is really helpful and instructive.  The curriculum is thorough including everything from the different types of vessels, to the psychology of broking and from the technical and operational matters to the commercial matters.

Hicham Bennani
Marbar Maritime
Shipping is an Industry that requires a lot of knowledge and experience in order to be able to overcome everyday obstacles and challenges.  To this end the distance learning "Shipping Economics and Operation course" at Cambridge Academy of Transport provided the means and the knowledge required to better prepare myself for my career ahead.

The course notes are well written and easy to understand and the questions posed at the end of each lesson sets the delegate to a position to answer from a practical point of view pushing at the same time the delegate to search deeper in order to answer the questions properly.

I had a great tutor who was always available when I needed advice and assistance.

Finally I would like to thank Bozena Doviak for all her support and assistance all this time.

My sincere appreciation to all the team within Cambridge Academy of Transport.  Keep up the good work!

Konstantinos Stamou
GMT Shipping Hellas Ltd
Cambridge Academy of Transport provides an excellent insight of the Tanker Chartering industry.  I was very doubtful I could complete the course as I am from a totally different industry and never did any distance learning.  However, the course book is really very detailed and makes it easy to understand.  It provided me with a better understanding of the maritime industry.  You have two years to complete the course which means you can study each lesson at your own pace without pressure.

My tutor has a very good and up-to-date knowledge of the market and always provided simple yet very detailed explanations on each tutorial question.  Special thanks to Bozena Doviak, who is very encouraging and is willing to go the extra mile for the students ensuring they get the grades they deserve.  A very good learning experience.

Doreen Soh Shil Fang
Physical Commodity Scheduler
Standard Chartered Bank
An in-depth course which provides a specialized insight into the whole dry cargo sector.  From Market Analysis to Voyage Estimation to Charter Parties and Laytime Calculations including Broking Psychology and Case Studies …  the Dry Cargo Chartering course had it all!

The Distance Learning mode enables you to work and study simultaneously at your own comfortable pace and also provides an opportunity to research upon various subjects.

After completing this course, i have new-found respect for those who work day and night towards the employment of Ships that we sail upon.

A big "thumbs up" to the Course development team at CAT, its Tutors and the Distance Learning Controller for their combined efforts in making this course a wonderful learning experience.

Capt. Siddharth S. Kumar
MTM Ship Management
For a real shipping enthusiast like me, studying a distance learning course with Cambridge Academy of Transport (CAT) was the most excellent and instructive experience to get into the world of the Shipping Industry.  These courses are ideal for those who are busy at work but at the same time want to develop new skills for a future employment in the shipping sector.  It is well organized and the student has the maximum flexibility and above all the freedom to plan his or her study pace.

Because the course was written from a practical point of view by a passionate and experienced lecturer, the lessons introduce the student to the ship management gradually treating almost all the commercial aspects in a functional and effective order.  The questions posed after each lesson are another key factor of the distance learning course and place the student in the office of a ship manager facing topics which give him a good education and a practical knowledge of this exited job.  In addition, the course gives the student the great benefit of taking time to answer and study each topic in depth.

My course tutor offered a wide expertise of the maritime sector who very much enjoys what he does.  He was continuously available to help me clarify any doubt which arose studying each lesson and, obviously, answering my study questions he gave me invaluable feedback and helpful information.  However the communication with my tutor was not limited to the lessons because he is also willing to go deep into specific topics if the student needs this, and appreciates an enterprising student.

Finally special thanks go to Bozena Doviak, who took me step-by-step during the course progress, giving me all the support I needed as well as encouraging me to do the best.  Thank you so much your enthusiasm and kindness.

Salvatore Bertuccelli
Naval Architect & Marine Engineer