Maritime Law

Whilst the chartering courses concentrate on the practical operations of the shipping market, this course looks in much greater depth at the legal implications. It will be of benefit to all practitioners in shipping and to all those whose daily work brings them into contact with maritime affairs.

Course content (10 Lessons)

Lesson  Topics

  • Historical development of English Maritime Law — the precedent of Case Law is all important in English Law and we need to study its history
  • Admiralty Law and Practice — "In Rem" proceedings — Liens — Limitations of liability — Collision — Life and Property — Salvage — Lloyd's Open Form
  • Statutory Requirements — analysis of Hague, Hague-Visby and Hamburg Rules
  • Bills of Lading — law and practice relating to Bills of Lading — Role of the Bill of Lading — Letters of Indemnity — Alternative documents of title — Waybills
  • Charter Parties (1) — legal aspects of Voyage Charter Parties — Analysis of Charter Party clauses — Laytime, including demurrage and despatch — the principle of the "Arrived Ship" — Safe ports — Freight — Frustration
  • Charter Parties (2) — legal aspects of the Time Charter Party — Delivery and Redelivery — Trading Limits — Owners'/Charterers' responsibilities — Performance disputes — Off-Hire — Withdrawal — Liens — Charter period
  • Passenger Liabilities — case history of passenger liabilities — personal injury — The Athens Convention and recent developments
  • Ship Registration — Legal implications of Ship Registration — Flags of convenience
  • Oil Pollution — Analysis of past and current legislation — TOVALOP — CRISTAL — The Fund Convention — OPA 90 — International organisations protecting the environment
  • The Role of the P&I Clubs — the involvement of the Clubs in the area of Shipowners' Third Party liabilities
  • Maritime Arbitration — an in-depth analysis of London Arbitration procedures — UK Arbitration Acts of 1950, 1975, 1979 and 1996

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