Anatomy of Petroleum Products and Chemicals Shipping

A four-day course in Dubai providing a concise overview of the commercial aspects of petroleum products and chemicals shipping.

The aim of this management course is to guide participants towards the successful development of commercial tactics and strategies in the petroleum products and chemical carrier markets. This is achieved through an examination of the economic, commercial, operational, technical, contractual, financial and legislative considerations which together impact variously on the extent to which owners and charterers maintain a competitive edge in their transportation arrangements. The course will also consider the outlook for these two related markets and as such will also be of interest to other industry players such as financial institutions and ship yards. The course is presented by the Cambridge Academy of Transport in association with Richardson Lawrie Associates

Market Factors

  • Petroleum Products Trades and Future Trends
  • Chemicals Trades and Future Trends
  • Understanding Worldscale
  • The Petroleum Products Tanker Market; Drivers and Developments
  • The Chemical Tanker Market; Drivers and Developments
  • The Dynamics of the Liquid Bulk Shipping Markets

Chartering Considerations

  • Charter Party Contract Choices
  • Terms and Issues Impacting Commercial Operating Strategies
  • Chartering in the Products Tanker Market
  • Chartering in the Chemical Carrier Market
  • The Transportation of Vegetable Oils
  • Costs versus Earnings — Economies of Scale
  • Workshop — Voyage Estimating and Pricing Deviations


  • Bunkering and Speed Optimisation
  • Maximising Voyage Returns — Managing the Bottom Line through Efficient Operations
  • Chemical Carrier and Cargo Operations
  • Logistics versus Commerce; Contract Conflicts and Resolution in the Logistics Chain
  • IMO Regulations, Cargo & Ships; Latest Regulatory Developments & Their Consequences
  • Choosing the Right Ship/Vessel Selection and Vetting
  • Workshop — Choosing the Right Ship

Finance & Management Issues

  • Managing Financial Risk
  • Financing Exercise
  • Pooling — Risk Management
  • P & I Insurance
  • Sale & Purchase

Post Fixture

  • Principles of Laytime and Demurrage
  • Laytime and Demurrage Case Study

Business Game

  • Part I: Development of Coverage Strategies
  • Part II: Implementing Tactics and Strategies

For those needing the big picture, whether through changing roles, entering the industry for the first time or as a refresher, the 'Anatomy of Petroleum Products and Chemicals Shipping' intensive course provides the answers.

Course information

1-4 December 2019
Park Regis Kris Kin Hotel, Dubai

Park Regis Hotel

Course fee

The cost of the course is USD3,900 per person, which includes tuition, refreshments, and lunch each day. Accommodation is NOT included but is available at the venue hotel or one of the many hotels located nearby.

Further information, contact:

Tulika Singh
Cambridge Academy of Transport
48 Whitlesford Road
Little Shelford
Cambridge CB22 5EW
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