Middle East and Asia

Shipping Professionals are on a continuous learning curve to keep pace with developments

During the four decades of creating better shipping professionals since the offering of the very first Anatomy of Shipping course, Cambridge Academy of Transport has welcomed over 100 nationalities to its courses. From a very early time, it was clear that the typical participant could come from any country with a maritime interest. As the focus of shipbuilding and trade shifted from Europe to Asia, it became clear that our UK based courses had to move in parallel with these global shifts. Two clusters of activity emerged: the Middle East and South East Asia.

Today, a number of our courses are available in two centres which over recent decades have grown to be of great importance to maritime activities: Dubai and Singapore.

Dubai shipping activities form a cluster for the Middle East generally, but other countries such as Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are today major players both as commodity centres and as shipowners.

While Singapore may have more tonnage under its flag than do the Middle east states, it is its trading culture, high standards of probity and a welcoming government that attracts many companies to establish a presence there.

If travel to the UK is a challenge, then consider the benefits of taking advantage of one of our courses closer to home.

Dubai and Singapore

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